Across Realities

We Believe

The future of storytelling is deeply immersive

People need more magic in their everyday lives

Games are a powerful artistic medium

Creative play is crucial to humankind's evolution


Aconite creates stories across many different realities

The stories of the future aren't passively consumed. They're something that you move through, together with strangers and friends. Aconite creates stories that transform the mundane world into something extraordinary.

The world is becoming playble. The future is a garden of forking desire paths, existing in physical and digital space simultaneously. Every new corner contains a secret. Come with us though the looking glass.

Aconite's debut title, HoloVista, is an XR mobile game with a surreal near future sci-fi story.

Explore a dreamlike mansion, photograph mysterious spaces, confront your deepest secrets and confess them online as Carmen, junior architect and new hire at an elusive firm.

In HoloVista, you’re charged with photographing the inside of an opulent building — but beware: the house is getting to know you too, perhaps better than you know yourself.

Learn more about HoloVista here.


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