A Mixed Reality

Storytelling Platform

We Believe

The future of storytelling is deeply immersive

People need more magic in their everyday lives

The line between story and game is blurring

Embodied play is crucial to our evolution


Aconite is a platform for discovering and experiencing mixed reality stories

The stories of the future aren't passively consumed. They're something that you move through, together with strangers and friends. Aconite is a platform for discovering stories that transform the mundane world into something extraordinary - stories that sit at the intersection of adventure, narrative and game.

Stories that conjure creatures out thin air, transform cityscapes into battlefields, turn windows into transdimensional portals, and bookstores into locations for mystery scavenger hunts. We believe that the future of storytelling is deeply immersive, and we invite you to come with us through the looking glass.


Nadya Lev

Star St.Germain

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